Votec GS3/4/5/6 suspension fork inner air suspension unit with air damping conversion kit

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Article: Complete interior of a Votec GS 3-6 suspension fork. This allows the conversion of a GS Classic/Air to a new air suspension.

Included are two black standpipes with inner. This makes the assembly very easy.

The unit is an air suspension system with back pressure chamber, where by opening a valve both chambers are connected. Thus, the spring travel can be adjusted continuously from 0-140mm.


Since the pressure in both chambers is balanced at rest, the air spring can start moving even at low loads. This improves the response of the fork compared to other systems.

By briefly tapping the pushbutton on the standpipe, both air chambers are connected to each other and the fork can thus be lowered to the desired height in a flash.
To increase the spring travel again, the valve must be briefly pressed down when the fork is unloaded

In the left tube is an adjustable air damping system.