Collection: Maintenance

Why the maintenance of the spring elements?

Suspension forks and shock absorbers are among the most important components on a mountain bike. The suspension elements not only absorb shocks, but also provide the necessary driving safety. These components are exposed to extreme loads and weather conditions. They spring in and out several times a second, must withstand rain, mud, sand and temperature fluctuations.

As a result, suspension forks and shock absorbers require regular care, otherwise they will suffer high wear and malfunction. Not only the seals and wipers wear out, but also the damping and lubricating oil loses its performance. Only regular maintenance ensures durability and reliable operation of your suspension elements.

Please note:

Service does NOT include repairs due to excessive use, drop or abuse. In these cases, we will provide you with an estimate of the additional repair costs before we perform the service.


Please send the spring element together with an informal cover letter. Please send ONLY with a documentable package, DHL, UPS or similar! Please always include address, phone number and email address. Shipments sent freight collect will not be accepted!

Our shipping address is:

Perleberg, Siegfriedstrasse 17, 10365 Berlin, Germany


Shipping within Germany
The return shipment is made after prepayment by DHL package for 7.50 euros.

Shipping conditions and costs to other countries can be found here ==>

Processing time:

The processing time is (seasonal) 10-15 working days. Repair start: for warranty and guarantee immediately after receipt of the goods. Regular service after receipt of the service order. Our warranty: on our repairs of Scott shock absorbers we give a six-month warranty on the proper execution of the repair and the absence of defects in the spare parts.

This warranty does not apply in case of:

- improper use
- Damage to the piston seal due to high-pressure cleaning
- damage to the surface coating due to improperly routed cables, stone chips and falls
- any attempts to repair the spring element
- technical modifications

The following shock absorber wear parts are also excluded from this warranty:

- all seals
- all piston bushings
- surface of the damper piston and cylinder
- mounting bushings of the damper

Please note that lubricant may leak from the piston rods and operating elements of the shock absorber after maintenance. This lubricant leakage is due to technical reasons and does not represent a defect. Important! Complaints can only be processed if the original receipts are enclosed. We will not accept shipments sent freight collect! All prices in Euro and without shipping. Sales prices incl. 19% VAT. Model changes, price changes and errors excepted.