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Cannondale Lefty MAX (SPV,TPC,FFD) suspension fork maintenance

Cannondale Lefty MAX (SPV,TPC,FFD) suspension fork maintenance

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Your suspension fork is oily, loses air or no longer works properly? Then this service is exactly the right one. Suspension fork service including all seals, damping oil, lubricant and needle bearing reset on Cannondale Lefty suspension forks.
What do we do in this service?

1. function test
2. professionally disassembled
3. check for damage
4. complete cleaning environmentally friendly with the Bio-circle
5. fork is lubricated
6. gets new seals
7. is mounted professionally
8. gets new damping and lubricating oil
9. function test

How is the handling?

Pack the suspension fork together with the cover letter in a package and send it to us (do not send disassembled forks). If there is a known defect in the fork, please notify us in advance via the contact form. When we receive the fork we will send a confirmation of receipt by mail. Within a few days the service will be completed and the fork will be sent back to you.

How long does the service take?

The turnaround time of a suspension fork usually takes one to two weeks. You are welcome to inquire about the current turnaround times by phone or email.
As a rule, the mechanic gives the price of required spare parts by phone so that maintenance can be completed immediately without delay.

Which seals are used?

Original seals from Cannondale


We give 6 months warranty on assemblies and seals on function and tightness.
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