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Votec GS3/4/5/6 suspension fork inner air elastomer suspension unit conversion kit

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Article: Complete interior of a Votec GS 3-6 suspension fork. This allows the conversion of a GS Classic/Air to a new elastomer air suspension.

Included are two black standpipes with inner. This makes the assembly very simple.

Air elastomer suspension unit 160mm

The principle of the spring unit consists of a combination of air and elastomers within the same air chamber The elastomers take over part of the spring force, so you can ride with little air pressure. This improves the response of the fork compared to other systems.

Another advantage is the security of knowing that if you lose air, you still have basic suspension that allows you to continue riding without any problems, even without air.

The possibility of using different elastomers in combination with progression distances allows the suspension to be varied in its basic setting.

The user can thus adjust the progression of the suspension according to his individual wishes.

The suspension travel can be adjusted up to 160mm.