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MT7 Raceline Magura brake for Porsche FS Bike

MT7 Raceline Magura brake for Porsche FS Bike

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MT7 racing line
From 1994 until today. For more than two decades, MAGURA Raceline brakes stand for pure racing! Today it is the downhill stars Loïc Bruni and Danny Hart, who push boundaries with the typical neon yellow. For the start of the 2021 season, you can now get hold of one of the coveted brakes! Using the Click & Collect process, you can simply order the brake online and pick it up at the dealer of your choice. #racingisyellow

The Carbotecture SL brake lever consists of a composite material made of polymers and embedded carbon fibers. This combination makes the brake lever not only lightweight, but also extremely durable.

The radial encoder design reduces friction and allows for small/large gear ratios. This not only reduces transmission losses - it also makes the brake more sensitive and easier to dose.
The MT7 Pro's one-piece 4-piston caliper is made of forged aluminum.

This manufacturing process gives the caliper its exceptional rigidity and makes the MT7 Pro one of the strongest and most responsive brakes on the market.

Complete set front and rear, without brake discs and adapters

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