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Maintenance of Votec up site down suspension fork with elastomers, seals and bushings

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Is your suspension fork oily, loses air or no longer works properly? Then this is exactly the right service for you. Suspension fork service incl. elastomers, double wipers, carbon guide bands and lubricant on Votec Classic suspension forks.

You have the choice between a complete service kit to perform the maintenance yourself or a complete maintenance in our workshop.

What do we do during this maintenance?

1. function test
2. fork is disassembled
3. check for damages
4. complete cleaning in an environmentally friendly way with the bio-circuit
5. fork is lubricated
6. new seals, guide bushes and elastomer springs with weight compensation
7. reassembly
8. functional test

What is the procedure?

Pack the suspension fork together with the letter in a package and send it to us. If you know of any defect on the fork, please note it on the cover letter when you send the fork to us. When we receive the fork, we will send you a confirmation of receipt by email. Within a few days, the service will be performed and the fork will be returned to you.

How long does the service take?

The turnaround time for a suspension fork is usually one to two weeks. Then, when the invoice is paid via Paypal, the fork will be returned to you immediately.

Which seals are used?

We use tuning seals in addition to the original seals from the manufacturer.

Warranty service?

We give

6 months warranty on function and tightness.