Votec GSIII Elastomer assembly instructions and weight adjustment

The following diagram explains the procedure for changing the spring travel:

2 recoil elastomers + Bike FS = 120 mm travel.
3 recoil elastomers = 100 mm travel
4 recoil elastomers + Bike S = 80 mm travel

When assembling, make sure that there is a spacer washer between each elastomer.
Modification of spring force
The standard assembly (120 mm spring travel) consists of 11 elastomers with 25 mm diameter and is designed for a rider weight of approx. 70-75 kg.
For every 2 kg of additional rider weight, one of the standard elastomers with a diameter of 25 mm is replaced by a harder elastomer with a diameter of 28 mm.
Conversely, for every 2 kg less weight, exchange a softer elastomer of diameter 20 mm.
Modification of the characteristic curve
In order to realize a soft response with an equal impact protection (progressive behavior), 2 elastomers of 25 mm each are replaced by one of 28 mm and one of 20 mm.
The sequence on the guide rod has no effect on the characteristic curve.

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Guide Rod Inbus
Back stop
Intermediate washer
Backstop elastomer
Guide bush
Counter stop
(firmly glued in)
Guide rod
MCU elastomer
Intermediate washer
MCU elastomer
End stop rubber
M6 stud bolt
(read glued in)
Dip tube
Dropout end


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